The “Poor” Be – Attitude


Luke 6.20b (MSG) You’re blessed when you’ve lost it all. God’s kingdom is there for the finding.

Matthew 5.3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

P – Pursuit

O – of an

O – Onward (in a continuing forward direction)

R – Right Standing with God

Being poor translates to having lost or lacking something. Jesus spoke of lacking in self-glorification (self-righteousness) with the first beatitude as recorded in Luke 6.

As Christians, our “be-attitude” as we constantly examine our hearts, is to quit chasing vain self-satisfaction. Our continuous pursuit should be one of attaining our higher self which is found in seeking to know and to do all God will have us do per time and per season.

We continuously seek God’s Kingdom (supreme reign and rule) come in our lives when we embrace the poorness to self.. Embrace the “Poor” Attitude!

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Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash


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