I recently saw The Beatitudes Jesus thought about in a new light; The BEatitudes – The Believer’s Expected Attitudes!

Attitude is everything (as the saying goes); it’s the posture/position of one’s heart.Google defines it as – A settled way of thinking or feeling about something; An orientation, relative to the direction of a course (paraphrased).

As believers of Christ, certain attitudes are expected of us in our walk with God; attitudes that we should embrace over the course of life’s journey so much so that they become a part and parcel of us. The Beatitudes are indicative of some of these attitudes and I will be sharing insights on them over the course of the week.

Consider highlighting attitudes from the beatitudes (Luke 6. 20 – 26; Mat 5.3 – 11). Which ones are you currently embracing; which ones should you pay the more attention to?

By the way, please maintain a positive attitude/outlook to life today and this week; after all, attitude is everything!

With Love.

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Photo by Meiying Ng on Unsplash