PLFTLJ01 – Obedient/Subject to Authority


#PLFTLJ 01 – Jesus was Obedient/Subject to Authority Luke 1.51a (MSG) So he went back to Nazareth with them, and lived obediently with them.

They had been to Jerusalem for the feast of Passover as was their yearly custom, this time, Jesus being twelve years of age. Jesus must have been quite engrossed that He decided to stay behind after the feast without His parent’s consent, listening to and engaging the teachers of the law with such skill and wits. Based on His knowledge at that young age, He could have just shunned off His parents when they rebuked Him after having to search for him for days,  but because He understood the place of Set Authority, He choose to obey and be subject to them.

There are times in our Christian walk when our spiritual adrenaline is so hyped and revving that we begin to find faults in laid down principles and doctrines (of our local assembly/church, etc) and we also begin to despise set authority perceiving them as ignorant or out of date on certain matters. #WWJD

Jesus is God, yet He considered it wise to obey and be subject to set authority. Like Jesus we must obey and be subject to set authority (biological and spiritual parents/Leaders) irrespective of the level of knowledge in God’s word we believe we have attained..

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Dear Father God, we repent of every youthful exuberance that has set us wrongfully despising set authorities; We receive and walk in the grace to rightly obey and be subject to them like Jesus did. Thank you Lord in Jesus name!


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