#NoteToSelf – Write!


Dear Bukola,

it is not enough that you ready, study, listen, meditate and even make highlights in the bible and other resources; it is important that you WRITE! Memorise and write scriptures; write the things that you learn from reading, studying, listening, and meditating the scriptures and other resources. Always write and you will gladly give thanks that you did later!

Often times I have this type of conversation with myself: “What was that point I noted when I read or heard those words ooo?”; “How exactly did that line drop in my heart ooo?”; “What was that dream again ooo?”; ati bebelo (and so on)…

Read this, for God to have told him and for Moses to have at different times on his life’s journey written (Exodus 24.4; 38.27), there certainly most be power in writing; not to mention that the need to be reminded of things will arise.

I imagine the various deep and “tongue bursting”-like experiences that Moses encountered in his relationship with God (as we read in the bible), not to even mention the instructions that God gave him at various times; but I cannot imagine that he kept no record…How would he have judged and led the people aright? How would he have managed to build the tabernacle to specification? (The bible records that he did “everything” just as God commanded Exodus 40.16).

Dear brothers and sisters, let this be for a memorial, also as a reminder.

Please share!

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And Moses wrote all the words of the Lord. Exodus 24.4a


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