Encourage Yourself!


As I walked up the stairs at work this morning, I kept pondering on the main point of today’s Open Heavens Devotional which was “Be of Good Cheer”. I thought about how much I needed to talk to someone to get some encouragements but what dropped in my heart shortly after was that I need to be my own number one encourager.

The Bible said of David as in the New Living Translation that he “Found Strength in the Lord his God”. The Amalekites had invaded, burnt their cities and had taken their women and children in captive; So, at this time, David was greatly distressed because his people spoke of stoning him out of the grieve of their hearts. Yet David, by himself, found strength in God; he encouraged himself in the Lord His God.

Irrespective of what might be stressing your heart at the moment, find the strength to encourage yourself. Encourage yourself in the hope that you have in Abba, the Almighty father and the hope that you have in His word

If you find any encouragement in this piece, please share!


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