Read Your Bible


In simple things just like this Sunday school song, we find deep truths.

Growth is one of the characteristics of living things (MR.NIGER-D J); as living beings, we must grow both in our body and spirit. To grow in the right measure in our physical body, it is required of us to feed in the right proportions of meals. The same is true for our intellect and invariably for our spirit.

The Word of God is the meat that our spirit requires to grow. It is not enough that we feast on balanced proportions of the word sometimes (mostly at power-packed meetings and conferences); in other to grow in our spirit beings, we must feed on spirit meat every day.

It was said of Jesus in Luke 2.52 that He grew in stature (physical body), in wisdom (intellect), and in favour with God and men. Of course, we all want to grow in favour with God; to grow in favour with God is to be acquainted with His word in other to know what is required of us to live and shine as Light in our world.

Children of God, will you shout Hallelujah?

Children of God, read your Bible and pray every day if you must grow like Jesus did.


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