Ship without rudder


Having expectations per time in any and every sphere of life and following them through by setting simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based goals is certainly a major sail to leading a successful and joyous life’s journey.

Expectations are like the rudder of a ship which is instrumental in stirring its course. without the rudder, a ship can only drift and toss to the rhythm of the winds and most likely than not sail an unintended course.

One should not just drift through life’s journey without knowing, having, writing, and be able to articulate what we look forward to seeing, receiving, achieving, and accomplishing per time or per season. Drifting through would mean leaving what ever forces that there are to determine one’s fate and accepting whatever comes, but this is not the way.

What is the way? The way is to be intentional about living in all its entirety and having expectations. The way is to be intentional about your walk with and work for God which by the way includes every work that you do and as well as your walk or relationship with fellow men. (Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for People Colossians 3.23NLT).

In light of understanding the need of and being intentional about setting expectations, we should hold in esteem the word, both written and spoken to us so that in the end, it is the plan and the will of the Father for our lives that gets “Superimposed” on ours, for without God, we can only be like a ship with rudder but without a sailor.

A ship without rudder is but no destination bound.


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